05. So you want to write a book! How about ask great questions? One More Sale Podcast

Master the ART of the interview, asking great questions and creating deeper connections with people.


Listen to this episode and decide if a ghost writer is right for you.

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Best-Selling Ghostwriter and Founder of Pithy Wordsmithery


Amelia Forczak is the ghostwriter of four published books, including oneNew York Times best seller. She has served as a content strategist or editor for a handful of other successful books. Amelia’s background in corporate marketing enables her to go beyond transcribing conversations with authors and putting commas in the right places. She partners with authors to truly understand their business, serving as a dedicated book-writing consultant. In 2015, Amelia gained non-exclusive representation from the most successful ghostwriting agency in the world. Much of Amelia’s success is due to past clients who become evangelical brand ambassadors.

Do you want to write a book but not sure where to start? It took me almost 2 years to create about 35 pages of content. I had a ton of info in my head but getting it on paper was a different story for me. Amelia helps to take the ideas from your head and get them on paper, and not only that but the writing sounds like you. I know this because she ghost wrote my book The Sales Playbook along with my friend Jairek Robbin’s book LIVE IT.


Amelia said “Clarity is a really important thing with writing, people don’t want to have to work too hard to understand what you’re talking about.”

I love this quote from Amelia, because I have always been a big picture thinker and realized that people who need details can get lost in my content and conversations. There were many conversations with her where I thought what I was explaining was crystal clear, yet she had no idea what I meant. The great news is awareness is the key to change.


Do you think your good at asking questions? Maybe, but I would be willing to bet you can get even better with practice. I personally built a prospecting business on asking great questions and realize every day how much more I need to know. Asking the right question really is an art and takes practice. Many would say that listening is key, others say it’s about being aware. I have to agree with both and know from experience it takes lots of practice. Amelia has really mastered the art of asking the right questions.

Amelia enjoys working with authors because she learns so much more about the industry. Amelia mentioned how much she learned about personal development from working with Jairek Robbins on writing his book LIVE IT, and learned so much more about sales from working with me on The Sales Playbook, which has helped her with prospecting.




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