101. Dr. Bridget Cooper – Stop living Small! “Improve your confidence by improving your thoughts”

Dr. Bridget Cooper – Leadership expert and cage rattler   

Bridget Cooper will help you go from trauma and crisis to responding with patience and calm.


“Learn to take the power away from your inner critic.” Bridget 

The difference between people who just get by and people who thrive are they understand their purpose power and peace. 
Feel greater self-awareness peace and confidence in your life.

Let’s stop mincing words. What do you WANT? To:

• Feel less stress? Find white space?
• Create a team that drives itself to excellence?
• Experience more success? Pleasure? Downtime?
• Kick drama in your organization to the curb?
• Improve the time you spend at work? At home

About Bridget:
With degrees and careers in human resource management, systems theory counseling, and educational leadership, 
I have the experience, insight, techniques, and, most importantly, the courage, to take you from crisis mode (and drama) to responding with intention and calm.

I’ll give you the tools and create the perception shift you need to redefine problems and find the power within you to address problems, regardless of what someone else is doing. 


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