107. Legendary Real Estate Trainer Tom Hopkins – Master the Art of Overcoming OBJECTIONS

Tom Hopkins – Real Estate Trainer 

Sales Trainer at Tom Hopkins International, Inc. Sales Trainer and author of many sales books including How to Master the Art of Selling. 

Author of over 19 Books including Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate.

“Your income is in direct proportion to what you are saying” Tom

Steps to Success in Overcoming Objections 

  • Mirror and match
  • Stall objections 
  • Do not say “NO” to objections 
  • Become an actor or actress 
  • Study vocabulary 
  • Find mentors
  • Become a student of selling


About Tom Hopkins:

Tom Hopkins wasn’t born to wealth and privilege. He was a mediocre student and began his work life in construction carrying steel. At the age of 19, he was married with a child on the way and trying to find a better way to support his young family.

Since he wasn’t afraid of meeting new people and was known to be somewhat talkative someone suggested he try selling. After looking around at the people who were dressed well and driving new cars, he decided on the field of real estate.

At the time, real estate was considered an old man’s profession. There weren’t many women in the field and certainly no teenagers. It took Tom several tries to pass his licensing exam, but he eventually succeeded.

The next hurdle was to find someone to hire him. Visiting real estate offices around town on his way home from his construction job, Tom quickly learned the negative impact of the first impressions he was making.

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