111. Johnathan Fanning – Leadership Expert – On Being Authentic and Building Trust

Johnathan Fanning – Leadership Expert, author of three books and leadership coach over 15 years. Who are you becoming?

“The biggest challenge for a leader is when they can value both results and relationships the same.” Matt Teter

People, are asking three questions about you:

1. Can I trust you?
2. Does this person care?
3. Can this person help me? 

Leadership is built on trust. 

Jonathan’s Steps for Leadership 

  • Be authentic 
  • Listen
  • Admit your weaknesses 
  • Focus on building trust first
  • Value both results and people 
  • Learn to ask great questions 


Lessons from Jonathan’s life:

Ever been hit in the head with a frying pan? More than once? Perhaps found yourself hanging off of a 106 foot bridge? Had 4 cars totaled by others while you were inside?

Stood in Assisi, Italy, and decided that the best thing you could possibly do next in life is quit the job that your whole family thinks defines you? Heard your grandparents’ entire lives summed up by a single sentence at their funerals and thought, Will my life turn into a single sentence, too?”

Wondered what this 1 life is really all about?

Been totally inspired by a legend from history and thought, “I should do something like that” or “I should BECOME more like that person”?

Built a career, only to have a constant feeling of “There’s got to be more to my life than this” and “Perhaps I’ve been climbing a ladder that’s leaning on the wrong wall”?

Evaluated climbing down from that same ladder, moving it to a different wall, and starting the climb all over again? Started a business, built that business, become that business, and realize that it was the wrong business for you?

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