114. Best Of – Gary Vee, Mel Robbins, Grant Cardone, Jon Acuff, Chris Voss

Jon Acuff. “Finish Book” on Setting the right expectations for a goal and finding a way to make your job fun

Gary Vee. “Crushing It” on disruption in the real estate industry, patience and empathy.

Mel Robbins. “The 5 Second Rule” on The way the 5 second rule works. Take control of your life in 5 seconds.

Grant Cardone “10X rule” Why sales people don’t have to love selling and the biggest mistake Realtors make and why Grant will piss you off or motivate you.

Jairek Robbins “Live It” Book on Understanding your purpose of being. The 4 steps.

Chris Voss “Never Split the Difference.”Stop trying to get people to say yes. Yes, is a trap, let them protect themselves with a NO.

Waldo Waldman “Never Fly Solo” book on How your wingman is critical to your success. How it takes someone else to push us and support us. We can’t do it alone. Great metaphor for a team


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