117. Kevin Eikenberry on Leading through Connection and Building a Powerful Team with Leverage

Kevin Eikenberry is an author of 2 books on leadership. Latest book The Long-Distance Leader. Kevin was named as one of INC 100 leadership authorities.

The first step is becoming clear on the role you are looking for and then setting expectations.

Leaders have a great understanding of what they are best at and found the right people to fill the gaps where they are not the strongest or interested.

We need to become clear at our strengths and weaknesses and we can do this by getting insight from others.

  • Success in leadership
  • Commit to coaching our people
  • Find and surround ourselves with the best people
  • Be a leader with humility
  • Set the right expectations with your team
  • Have the right systems and processes in place

True leaders help the people around them become their very best.

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