12. Discussion with 6yr RE agent Tim Heyl on closing 100 million in volume through Lead Generation. One More Sale Path to Mastery

WHY CONSISTENT LEAD GENERATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING  – Listing to this podcast now is the solution to a massive business 

CLOSE 100 MILLION BY BREAKING IT DOWN TO 5 CONTACTS A DAY Tim realized that in order to build a huge business he simply had to put 5 people in his database. He figured out his daily numbers which lead to his weekly numbers which lead to his monthly numbers to annual numbers then 5 year goals and so on. Simply focusing on your numbers today!   

MINDSET Tim shares his frustrations of showing up daily and feeling like a telemarketer and not getting results. 

MENTOR-SHIP & COACHING Tim was clear on what he wanted and found the right people to hold him accountable and being consistent. 



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