120. Alan Stein, Jr. A Lesson from LeBron – How to Perform Like an Elite Athlete When It Counts – Path to Mastery Podcast

Alan Stein, Jr. is the Author of the new book Raise Your Game, a professional speaker, business coach and has worked with the top NBA basketball stars on the planet including Kevin Durant.

Alan now travels the world teaching organizations how to utilize the same strategy in business that professional athletes use to perform at world-class levels.  

“To be elite, you need to master your skills, and be able to perform in real speed against the best competition.” – Alan Stein, Jr.

The elite have a little more passion, drive, EQ and grit.


Alan’s Path to Success

  • Figure out your strengths and make it your one thing – The thing you can be better than everyone else. 
  • Practice and role play your one thing daily.    
  • Become a great listener and ask great questions.
  • Figure out what problems you can solve for people.
  • Work on mental toughness and grit.


“We need to solve a specific problem for a specific industry.”


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