127. The Pains and Lessons of Closing 99 Units as a Solo Agent – Kamil Andrukiewicz on Path to Mastery Podcast

Kamil lives by the Bold Law: “What you focus on Expands.”

Kamil Andrukiewicz

With over 8 years of experience, honor circle and top producer awards. I am here to help you from Start to Finish! Communication is a key value of my business!

99 Units for 16 Million Closed in 2018 with Zero Admin Support 

82 Closed Sales in 2017 – Over 14 Million Dollars In Closed Volume.

Top Selling Agent in New Britain – 2017

2017-#5 In Closed Units-Entire New England Region-Keller Williams

2017-#5 YTD Written Units-Entire New England Region-Keller Williams

Kamil said there came a time when he needed to decide whether he was going to stay in corporate or if he was going to make the jump into Real Estate. 

He wanted to make sure he could bring enough value to his team before started making hires.  

He then had to ask himself what am I great at and what am I willing to give up.

Once he made the decision he is making sure the people he hires have a great foundation and are learning based people. He is going to use the KW models and systems to train his people.

Great conversation on starting and growing a team.


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