128. Coach Kim on Becoming a Top Performer with a Few Shifts in Thinking – Kim Ades on Path to Mastery Podcast

A 30 Minute Coaching Session on Thinking.

Business and leadership coach

Frame of mind coaching, Author, Speaker, Business Coach

Kim asks, “Do you have a limitation in your thinking?”

Focus on performance through mastery.

A conversation on what really creates top performance

Learn to discover the answer to the question. What is getting in the way?

The keys to top performance

  1. Role Play
  2. Don’t take things personal.
  3. Build emotional resilience
  4. Focus on perspective.
  5. Journaling
  6. Leverage strengths.
  7. Pay attention to your thoughts.

Change is not about what’s happening, it’s more about what we think about what’s happening.

Every outcome you have in life reflects your thinking.

High performers have a different perspective.

Use thinking to leverage a changing industry.


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