13. Serial Entrepreneur Seth Campbell on how to build an empire through people. One More Sale – Path to Mastery

HOW TO CREATE A BIGGER WORLD when we all only have 24 hours in a DAY! – Leverage though talent is the key to having a big life and it starts by following a proven model for hiring. 

THE THREE STEPS TO SUCCESS WITH OTHERS (Seth breaks it down for us into 3 simple steps) 

  1. SALES SKILLS(Lead Generation for Talent)  
  2. HIRING SKILLS(Follow a System) 
  3. LEADERSHIP SKILLS(Study & Practice, start the 10,000 hours)   


MINDSET Seth discuss’s how we let the little voice in our heads will determine our outcomes and results if we do not have awareness. 

“I am always looking for talent, always, always, always, to me it’s just like breathing!”  Seth Campbell 

MODELS, SYSTEMS & TOOLS – Seth is listening for language, behavior, track record, how they think, do they have victim behavior or do they take responsibility. I do not continue the process because I like the person, they have to earn the right to keep going forward. 

“Leading myself is the 1st step to everything with leadership!”  Seth Campbell 





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