130. Pat Hiban on Real Estate Space Disruption, Zillow, Technology, Team and Industry Changes – Path to Mastery Podcast

A conversation on technology disruption in the real estate space, Zillow, Redfin and Remax partnership, the coming changes to real estate teams vs independent contractors and everything else under the sun regarding change!

Author of the New York Times Best Selling Book -“6 steps to 7 figures, A Real Estate Professional’s Guide Building Wealth and Creating your Destiny.”

Host of Real Estate Rockstars is a top-ranked, 3-day a week real estate podcast, hosted by billion dollar agent Pat Hiban, interviewing the best of the best in and around the real estate industry.

After building a team of over 50 members and making millions in the Real Estate Sales World, Pat realized he had spent over two decades being led by mentors while growing very few mentees.


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