133. Grow Your Referral Business – The Golden Handoff author Nick Krautter on Path to Mastery Podcast

Best Selling Author Nick Krautter shares the strategies on growing your Real Estate business, adopting a retiring agent’s business and having a plan to earn income for many years once you plan to step away.   

The perfect book for retiring agents looking to extract the most value from their business or for existing agents looking to exponentially grow their current business.

Great client relationships are worth a fortune in the real estate business. But when agents retire, most of those fortunes are simply lost—until now. The Golden Handoff solves this problem. Do you want to grow your business? The Golden Handoff has a simple and proven plan to exponentially grow your business by adopting hundreds of clients from agents when they retire. Do you want to retire but can’t just walk away? The Golden Handoff shows you how to pick the right agent to adopt your clients and ensure you have income for years to come.

Nick Krautter is a Realtor in Portland, Oregon, where he leads a team and frequently serves as a real estate expert for the media. Krautter is an avid golfer, writer, reader, and talker who enjoys all the food, drink, and adventures that can be found in the great Northwest. He is unusually tall and once lived on a sailboat. He loves his job and still gets up early, excited about what each day holds.


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