137. Find Your Superpower – Jason Abrams, Aaron Kaufman, Tony Giordano, Josh Anderson on Path to Mastery Podcast

As technology disrupts the Real Estate industry listen to these experts share how they continue to crush their business regardless. They share ideas on how and why we need to get back to the simple fundamentals.


Here are 3 simple ways to stay relevant

  1. Be In-touch with our database and your circle of influence
  2. Offer the highest level of service possible
  3. Use the technology available to enhance the clients experience.


Jason Abrams

Jason Abrams is a leading expert in “all residential real estate related business.” Jason has over 18 years working experience in the residential real estate business and is a third-generation real estate professional. Past TV personality and sports athlete Jason now works directly with Gary Keller and the Keller Williams technology team. When I asked Jason his title, he said “Leadership knows no title.”


Aaron Kaufman

Former real estate agent turned Keller Williams Growth Coach. Passionate about growing Keller Williams Realty with quality talent and inspiring KW associates to do the same. Aaron now focuses on growing his passive income by sharing and teaching the Keller Williams Models. 


Tony Giordano

Giordano Industries is the umbrella company of various businesses ranging from consulting, training, education, marketing, advertising, real estate, finance, construction and development firms, that help many business professionals, companies, non-profits, development projects, and organizations across many industries grow their brands and productivity.

Founder and President Tony Giordano began his career in the real estate industry, first in 1998, developing a vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry, from being a top mortgage broker and executive in real estate finance, to the sales side of the business as a top real estate agent in residential, commercial, investments, and development. 


Josh Anderson

Top Producing team owner out of Nashville Tenn. Josh’s team will close upwards of 100 million in volume in 2019. Skilled in Negotiation, Luxury Goods, Budgeting, Sales, and Entrepreneurship. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a BS focused in International Business/Trade/Commerce from Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College.


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