143. Grow your Business Organically with Video – Kyle Draper on Path to Mastery Podcast

Coach Kyle is the breath of fresh air the real estate industry desperately needs. While most are just coaching Realtors to perfect their craft and buy leads, Kyle reminds Realtors that its in the organic aspect of social media where the most opportunity is being left on the table.

Kyle has helped Realtors attract millions of dollars in buyers and sellers without spending a dime and often without even having to mention real estate.

The steps to grow your business organically with video:

  • Just do video and get over yourself
  • Have fun and don’t take yourself so serious
  • Don’t apologize
  • Share stories
  • Do not always talk about real estate
  • Show your weakness


Who is Kyle

Kyle blends his decade as a student pastor with his experience in the social media and real estate space to create a one of a kind experience.

Since hes not super smart like most techy/social media people…he prides himself on keeping it simple and helping even the most tech challenged Realtor experience their light bulb moment.

Coach Kyle is passionate about empowering Realtors to discover and leverage their personal stories and experiences to attract people like you.


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