145. Triple Down on the Relationship – Brandon Green on Path to Mastery Podcast

Our clients really care about the relationship and we need to make sure working with us was not just transactional. Learn to stay in-touch with our clients after the closing.

Along with the points below, Brendon shares with us the 6 steps to Change.

  • Find the fun in Real Estate again
  • Stay in contact with your clients 
  • Find what you’re passionate about and build your business around that
  • Find your hidden competing commitments 
  • We need to keep showing up daily 

Brendon Green

Brandon began his real estate career in 2001 as an agent, selling $12 million in real estate in his first year in the business. In 2004 he founded Brandon Green Residential, a nationally ranked sales team responsible for selling hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate across the Washington, D.C. area.

Under Brandon’s leadership the Washington, DC office seized the No. 1 slot in office unit market share in the District and has been widely praised for its productivity and unique culture, now with three locations for more than 300 agents, and a total of eight locations with more than 1,000 agents across DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Brandon is an expert in the regional real estate market, is a nationally top-listed real estate executive, an industry leader, top KWRI Faculty member, and noted guest speaker and instructor across North America. His unique ability to access both creative and structured thinking and his mind, body, soul approach to leadership and development have established his reputation for results-driven leadership.



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