153 Real Estate FUNDAMENTS Before and After Coronavirus – Albert Hajdaraj on Path to Mastery Podcast

Special Important Episode on Fundamentals and Mindset

What you need to know to be successful in Real Estate in any market

Top Takeaways

Lead Generation is critical

Consistency equals success

Bulletproof your mindset

Things are going to be a lot harder than you plan

Success can happen in any market or condition

Who is Albert

I focus on creative and innovative problem-solving. I choose to look at challenges from a geometrical perspective. My background and the challenges I have faced as a young immigrant who moved to America alone, facing homelessness with only a few hundred dollars in my pocket, have taught me quite a few things.

I learned that when facing adversity and uncomfortable situations is when people grow. It’s when they become stronger and smarter. I learned that through commitment, perseverance and hard work almost anything is possible. If you adopt a solution-based mindset and you choose to embrace, choose to love fear, instead of letting it overwhelm you, you can achieve so much. My commitment to this industry is to “serve” at the highest level possible. I pride myself on being a consultant to my clients and in helping them achieve amazing success in their real estate endeavors.


Commitment to Excellence C2EX


LINK TO GUIDE FOR REALTORS – https://www.nar.realtor/coronavirus-a-guide-for-realtors

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