162 Building a Community – author Jono Bacon on Path to Mastery Podcast

How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, and Teams

Jono Bacon, author of “People Powered” shares the step to building an engaged community

Top Steps to building a community  

  1. Knowing value of your community 
  1. Building community
  1. Pick a platform
  1. Keep the conversation going and incentivizes


Now is the time to bring value to people at the highest levels and building a community is a great place to start.



Be consistent with the content

Be Intouch with people

Be consistent with offers

Dan Rochon is a Certified Practitioner in the Art and Science of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the Washington DC Hypnosis Center. Dans purpose in life is to help people achieve their greatness and to open doorways for their success through his teaching, coaching, and mentorship. He leads the Greetings Virginia Sales Network for their agents and staff to exceed their clients expectations.

Dan Rochon recently wrote the book, Real Estate Evolution – The Ten Step Guide to C.P.I. (Consistent and Predictable Income) for Real Estate Agents.

Dan wrote this book because he has sold real estate since 2007 and has developed an immense amount of experience. During his journey, he has witnessed hundreds (and maybe thousands) of agents fail in this business — which he firmly believes is a shame.

In Real Estate Evolution, Dan shows readers the exact steps that he has used as a real estate agent, to sell one to 15 homes every month for the past 129 consecutive month


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