169 – The $90,000 Expired Seller Call – Albert Hajdaraj on Path to Mastery Podcast

Learn how calling an expired seller can lead to multiple transactions over time

 Most people will make calls sporadically and then get discouraged and give up.

The Critical Steps

  1. Be consistent – Make the calls daily
  2. Make the calls long enough so that it becomes a habit
  3. Don’t take rejection personally – remember it’s not about you
  4. Know what you are talking about – Know the inventory
  5. Find a mentor or coach to keep you accountable
  6. Have a system for follow up

Face from ‘The Sales Playbook” 70% of all sales happen as a result of follow up.


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“The $90,000 expired seller call”




I focus on creative and innovative problem-solving. I choose to look at challenges from a geometrical perspective. My background and the challenges I have faced as a young immigrant who moved to America alone, facing homelessness with only a few hundred dollars in my pocket, have taught me quite a few things.

I learned that when facing adversity and uncomfortable situations is when people grow. It’s when they become stronger and smarter. I learned that through commitment, perseverance and hard work almost anything is possible. If you adopt a solution based mindset and you choose to embrace, choose to love fear, instead of letting it overwhelm you, you can achieve so much.


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