17. Chris Brown Rock-star agent takes business to next level and gets CMAR Rookie of Year!

FOCUS & Commitment Chris shares how being focused on lead generation with zero distractions is a key to his success. 

The difference between 90% and 100% commitment is massive when it comes to results.  

  • Showing up on time 
  • Removing distractions during lead generation 
  • Being on the phones at 8am 


How to deal with CALL RELUCTANCE

  1. Being ok with rejection  
  2. Having fun 
  3. Building your mindset 
  4. Knowing your numbers    
  5. Keeping your vision board in front of you 


NUMBERS – If I am talking with 100 people a day and not setting appointments I have a conversion problem. Once I realized I had a conversion problem I started practicing scripts my numbers became better. 

ACCOUNTABILITY – Holds the individual to a standard 


Chris describes how he set a goal to become rookie of the year and did it step by step 

 30 under 30 is next!! 

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