174 Average Sucks – Why you don’t get what you want. And what to do about it. Author Michael Bernoff

Author, Strategist “It’s not your fault that you feel stuck.” There’s an invisible force holding you back, and in Average Sucks, Michael Bernoff shows you what it is and what you can do about it.

Everyone has an “Average,” and it determines how well your life works. Baseball players have a batting average; the Dow Jones is an average; as a child, your intelligence is measured by your grade point average — everything in life has an average. The problem is, your Average is designed to maintain the status quo, to keep you comfortable and automatic.

Business Owners: Stay Stuck, and Suck. You run your business a certain way, and it’s gotten you this far. So, if it’s working, why change it? You’ve got good clients, you’re happy enough, even your marriage has a good flow to it… It’s better than some people, right? WRONG. Michael calls this state “Comfortably Numb,” and it’s his mission to help you overcome it so you can reach your true business potential. The reason why “okay” is a big problem: if you’re okay, there’s no need to grow.

Convenience ruined our confidence. Michael’s opinion on what caused the current mental health crisis: The Middle Class. Lack of adversity and surplus of convenience and simplicity has made us anxious and lacking in self confidence. He doesn’t minimize or negate challenges — you may have been through hell, and if so, your Average is higher than someone who didn’t. But for “in the middle” individuals, you need to seek adversity and challenges to push yourself to do things you don’t normally do.

We’ve all heard it takes twenty-one days to create a habit, and that a reward is necessary to help make a habit stick. That research is outdated!

Author Biography:

When Michael Bernoff got called out for not living up to his potential, it bothered him. But rather than shrinking from the challenge, he chose to step up and solve a problem he saw in the personal development industry. This quest led him to develop Human Interaction Technology, which moves society forward through the power of communication. From there, Michael founded the Human Communications Institute, which is dedicated to creating rapid and lasting change in people’s lives. He works with entrepreneurs, athletes, executives, and Fortune 500 companies, offering courses, live events, and leadership training for those who want to achieve a life beyond limits.


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