193- Lars Hedenborg: Go From Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Business Owner. Path to Mastery

About Lars Hedenborg:  Lars Hedenborg was the leader of the top producing real estate team in the Greater Charlotte Area, The Lars Group. In only 8 short years, Lars and his innovative team and aggressive marketing approach allowed him to become a leader in the real estate industry and a top realtor in Charlotte, NC.


Lars’ lead generation websites attract hundreds of thousands of views annually, through the use of direct response and search engine marketing, as well as social media. Are you wondering, can he really sell my house in Charlotte NC? The answer is yes! His team has used every available resource to create a database of over 10,000 buyers that are actively searching for homes in the Greater Charlotte Area.


Before entering real estate in 2008, Lars worked in various corporate roles. With a corporate background, Lars brought his innovative business approach to real estate and has become a leader of change within the industry. In 2012, Lars became a best-selling author with his book, “The New Rise in Real Estate.” Lars now travels the country as a top real estate coach, promoting change and rejuvenation for a broken industry.


Lars openly admits that he owes much of his success to standing on the shoulders of giants (his coaches and trainers), and humble implementation. While Lars loves the real estate business, his true inspiration is his family. He and his wife, Julie, have two young children. Anders and Kendal are great at keeping them on their toes! They were the motivation for Lars to create an effective real estate system that allowed him much more time to spend with family.


As a top Realtor in Charlotte, NC, and a real estate business coach, Lars’ real estate tools, systems and strategies are used by top producing real estate agents and team leaders across the US.



In this episode, David and Lars discuss:

  • Lars created Real Estate B School to help teach team leaders how to build the business side of your real estate team
  • Team leaders need systems and the right economic model to grow and succeed
  • Balancing work and family, you have to make time for both
  • What jobs are you doing that you could hire someone else to do so you can focus on more profitable tasks?


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