24. Elise Touchette on helping leaders uncover their purpose and getting team members to work together towards achievement of goals

Elise Touchette, Leadership and Teams Coach, discussion on helping leaders uncover their purpose and getting team members to work together towards achievement of goals.

We must be clear in order to attach talent!

Helping Leaders & Teams Uncover their Potential!

Coaching to Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle   SIMON’s TED TALK

We all talk about what we do but rarely if ever talk about why we do it.

STEPS TO Massive Success 

• Attract people who believe what you believe – WHY
• Be clear on what you believe and why you believe it.    
• Uncover what frustrates me most, what drives you crazy and fix that.
• Look at patterns in your both wins and losses in your life.

“Comfort is not your friend.” Elise Touchette

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