26. Wendy Papasan – From zero real estate sales experience to owning a team that will close 70 million 2016! One More Sale Path to Mastery

Wendy leads real estate teams in Austin and St. Louis. A community activist and philanthropist, her secret lies in hiring Austin’s most talented people.

In only 6 years Wendy went from a stay at home mom to building and owning a team of 11 talented people who are on track to close 70 million in 2016!

Secret sauce is to hire the most talented people 

“The hardest part of growth is being a great leader.”  Wendy 

STEPS TO Massive Success 

    •    Hire the most talented 
    •    Hire talent fast      
    •    Cross train team members
    •    Cast a vision 
    •    Show opportunities
EXPANSION TEAM Misconceptions

Failing forward!!
Do not start another location until you get the 1st one right

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