27. Todd Lemoine – How to double your business year over year using the phone. 3 to 30 mil in 4 yrs using the phone

How to double a business year over year (see Todd’s numbers) 

• 2013 – 5 million closed
• 2014 – 8 million closed
• 2015 – 17 million closed
• 2016 – tracking for 30 million closed  

“Think of prospecting as a game, a way to work on your craft” – Todd 

STEPS TO Massive Success  

• Being Consistent 

• Make calls daily 2-3 hours      

• Make prospecting a game 

• 10,000 hours to master your craft  

• Master follow up  


LISTEN to Todd’s Outstanding Role Play!! 

You can sit in your office all day and make calls but at some point you just have to get out and get in front of people. Belly to belly! 

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