28. Rock-star Buyer Agent, Nate Riel, on how he will close 60-70 buyers in 2016

Nate will personally close 60-70 buyer sides in 2016 using the simple strategies below.

Learn how to have a hard conversations with your clients up front so that you can have a hard conversation when the right property shows up. 

I ask 50 questions so that we do not have to look at 50 homes. 

“I will give anyone the time to see one home as long as they answer the questions the right way.” Nate  

STEPS TO Massive Success  

  • Follow up in 1st 15 min
  • Be like a friend but be a professional first 
  • Giving people lots of information      
  • Having access to properties that are not on the MLS  
  • Master follow up 
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