3 Simple Tips to Connect with Expired Sellers on NYD!!!


So we’ve chimed the bells, set your 2016 goals, waved goodbye to 2015 and the New Year is finally here! Are you fired up for all of the possibilities that 2016 is waiting to bring your business? I certainly am. New Years Day is one of the most exciting days of the year for me to make new calls, connect with customers and maximize those leads in our expired database. For the past 5 years I’ve successfully capitalized on this day while most of the competition takes a back seat and waits for Jan 2nd or 4th to call.

I encourage you to give these NYD calls a shot!

Check out this short video and then read on…

You may feel that contacting clients during the holiday might be an inconvenience, with everyone still focused on relaxing or still in holiday mode; this just isn’t the case with everyone!

This is the perfect opportunity to create and find some of the most motivated sellers.

For the past 5 yrs I have set at least 1 appointment which has lead to an immediate listing, plus tons of follow up opportunities from making these NYD calls!

I have three key elements I incorporate into my 1st January approach.

The first is simple; just have some fun!

It’s easy to take a cautious approach, almost apologizing for making contact. Don’t do this! Your attitude is imperative in determining the outcome of that call. Be upbeat, positivity is contagious! Set the tone from the start, interacting with your client, and this will leave a great impression for now and the future. If this isn’t the best time for them then reschedule a call and your upbeat and pro-active attitude will be remembered. Don’t be discouraged if you receive a less than welcoming approach, simply set the tone in a positive manner for a future call.

Another element I’m keen to project is Coming from Contribution.

You are here to help make their year the best it can possibly be. Simply ask; Are you still looking to sell your house, what problems have you had so far? Let them know you can help. You can make their goals a reality. By offering that expert, professional guidance to start of the year, you are ensuring that you will be remembered and recommended. Bottom line, let them know you are simply calling to help!

My last tip(possibly the most important) is to BE PRESENT and in the moment.

Enjoy every aspect of the call! Of course follow your scripts as these are important, but don’t switch on to auto-pilot. Listen and let the ‘flow’ of the conversation be your tool to success. Let the client feel the call is personal and as important to you as it is for them. Use your tonality tips, ask questions, respond and enjoy how it goes.(Check out past post Connect or be Disconnected) for tips on connecting.

Don’t forget to ask great questions to learn the important aspects about your contact which can help you to respond to their needs in a more effective way.

I generally start making my calls around 10am, but you may have a better frame which works for you. But don’t let fear put you off.

I start all my calls with a positive intro and “Happy New Year!!

New Year’s Day is the perfect time to set the intentions, both for you and your customer base, for a prosperous and abundant 2016 to come.

I wish all of you a tremendously successful 2016!!

Now take this opportunity to start out great and make those contacts!

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