30. Confidence Expert Trish Blackwell on Building Confidence. Path to Mastery – One More Sale


Trish Blackwell, Author, Podcast Host, Confidence Expert

Confidence is a choice and it starts by knowing who you are.

“We only have control of ourselves and the present moment.” Trish

STEPS TO Confidence and Authenticity

  • Learn how to be well in your skin
  • Mind training makes the difference
  • Be authentic in your relationships
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Compliment 15 people daily
  • Be grateful
Confidence On the Go Podcast

Insecurity DETOX Book

“Nobody wants to be sold but everybody wants to buy.” Trish


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about Trish Blackwell

Trish Blackwell is a recognized confidence coach and fitness professional committed to inspiring others to live with more confidence, health and happiness from the inside out. Particularly passionate about bringing hope to those who struggle with negative body image, eating disorders, or confidence issues, Blackwell has become the leader on image issues in the fitness industry. Personal trainer, author, podcaster, and app publisher, Trish inspires her community to conquer life with confidence.

Blackwell is the author of The Skinny, Sexy Mind: The Ultimate French Secret, a book on transforming one’s body and life through discovering the keys to confidence. Also available is her Amazon Best Selling Kindle e-book, Building a Better Body Image: 50-Days to Loving your Body from the Inside Out, a 50-day journey to living happier and healthier. Trish spends her free time running, surfing and snowboarding with her husband Brandon Synan. She loves unicorns, coffee, and the color pink.

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