31. Kristan Cole – Expansion! What to know about attracting talent and building a BIG business!

Find empire builders who are looking to take territory!

– Kristan Cole, Team Owner and VP Mega Agent Expansion

Expansion can be the quickest way to 100 million!

“Make sure expansion is a good business decision” @KristanCole

STEPS TO Effective Expansion   

  • Lead Generation
  • Massive Vision
  • Profitability in current location  
  • Find people tied to the expansion market – The WHO!
  • Pay attention to the things everyone else is ignoring  
  • Expand locally 1st

“The ESO Class will make you a better business person regardless whether you expand” @KristanCole

Watch Kristan Cole’s Interview with Gary Keller: https://youtu.be/ORAs1-rvvUU

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