47. Massachusetts #1 Realtor Shares his Strategies for Massive Success!!! Path to Mastery



“Training is something we’re obsessed with here. We do it every single week.” – Anthony

Anthony Lamaccia is the owner and Realtor © broker of Lamaccia Realty in Massachusetts. He still takes an active role in the company, from helping to train agents and creating tools to leverage time and expertise of all employees in his company. Boston Business Journal named the company one of the fast growing companies in Massachusetts and has been on the Inc.500 list since 2012.

Anthony also serves on a variety of committees in Massachusetts, including the National Association of Realtors and the Greater Boston Association of Realtors Government Affairs. You’ll find him on different media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, NBC and ABC.

“We want to engage with our sellers to help them list and sell their houses for a higher price.” – Anthony

In this interview, we discuss how Anthony transitioned from his family’s landscape construction business to his wildly successful real estate company. He also discusses why it was important for him to create a customized CRM to streamline his business and why he’s so passionate about educating sellers so they can maximize their income. You’ll also learn how to lead staff effectively and the systems to implement in any client based business.

“Sellers don’t realize is that in a good market, any agent can sell their home. The question is, can they sell it for more?” – Anthony


  • The art to capturing leads in the real estate business
  • The crucial differences between successful brokers and ones who are scraping by
  • Why Anthony believes all realtors should get training staff correctly
  • How Anthony’s obsession with numbers and systems led him to creating a CRM that allows him to track all stats on the go
  • Why it’s important to track all aspects of your business consistently
  • What Pac-Man has to do with the current real estate market
  • Anthony’s predictions for the real estate market in 2017




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About Anthony Lamaccia

Anthony is the Broker/Owner-CEO of Lamacchia Realty and is from and currently resides in Watertown, Massachusetts. He started as a real estate agent in 2004 after spending his childhood and early adult life working at his father’s Landscape Construction Company.  It was there that he first learned about business development and management and what it takes to build, design, and showcase homes. 

After buying his first property at age 21 and several more properties by age 23, he readily realized the real estate industry was where he wanted to spend his life.  In 2004, he made the jump into real estate sales with the very agent who helped him buy and sell a few of those properties: John McGeough.  Anthony hit the ground running and had immediate success selling numerous properties. In 2005, he and John established McGeough Lamacchia Realty Inc. with the help of their first employee, Sarah Chaisson, who is now the Vice President of the company. Since then, the company has experienced significant growth.

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