48. Why You Should Never Fly Solo – Waldo Waldman, New York Times Bestseller and Fighter Pilot

Waldo Waldman is known for teaching techniques that build long-term and trusting relationships with people that help to produce revenue.

For his work, Waldo has been inducted in the National Speaker’s Association Speaker Hall of Fame (the Council of Peers Award for Excellence).

In this interview, we chat about the importance of the people in your life and why it’s crucial you nurture important relationship. He talks in depth about his past life in the air force and how he still uses the skills he learned there in his personal and professional life daily.

You’ll definitely get a lot from this interview as Waldo shoots you straight and is passionate about helping others achieve the kinds of success he’s had. Waldo also does a really great job distilling lessons he’s learned from being in the air force you won’t want to miss this episode.

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