54. Sam Monreal – Mastering the Art of Internet Lead Generation and Follow Up

Sam Monreal on Effective Lead Generation Techniques

“Many people look at online leads as a burden and not an opportunity” Sam

Shift Mindset from Bothering to Helping People

“We have to work twice as hard to stand out with internet leads.”


  • Get People while Still Online  
  • Use Pattern Interrupts
  • Great Scripts Make the Difference
  • Shift Mindset to Helping People
  • Be Proactive vs Reactive
  • Schedule Lead Follow Up

About Sam Monreal:

Passionate, driven and results-oriented sales expert with over a decade of success in diverse and complex corporate and start-up environments

Specialties: Experiential Marketing, Event Creation, Event Curation, Social Media, Social Media Management Systems, Privacy, Data Breach Response, HITECH, HIPAA, Notification Law, Credit Monitoring, Identity Protection, Notification Requirements, Negotiation, Compliance, Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Complex Sales Strategies, Health Care, Corporate Sales, Start Ups, Finance, Residential Lending, Commercial Lending, Consumer Credit, Six Figure Deals, Seven Figure Deals, Closing, New Business Creation, Client Retention, Sales Methodologies, Lead Generation

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