65. Joshua Smith – Host GSD Mode on Strategies to Creating a Massively Successful Life

Strategies to Creating a Successful Life.

“I set up everything so it caters to my life, instead of catering my life to everything.” Joshua Smith

If we build great processes and systems the people will come. The process and systems is the 1st step!

“It’s not about doing 1000 things, it’s about doing 1 thing 1000 times.” – Joshua Smith


  • Build a process
  • Find talented people 
  • Train to be specialists    
  • Surround yourself with talented people 
  • Protect your time
  • Focus on health first
  • Take time to reflect 

About Joshua Smith:

GSD Podcast is where we interview Top Entrepreneurs, Top Fitness and Health Experts and people that DOMINATE their space! These are people that do not accept mediocrity, they have clarity on what they want in life and they take massive levels of action to create their dreams into a reality! They create epic lives!

For more Path to Mastery, visit http://www.davidihill.com

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