78. The Purple Realtor – Facebook, Instagram and Door-Knocking Expert takes 15 Million Dollar Listing

Michael Sherrard – AKA The Purple Realtor: Expert on Social Media with Instagram & Facebook

Less than 1 year in Business but started planning 6 months before he got his Real Estate license.

Here how he succeeded despite no experience, no knowledge of real estate and 24 years old!!  
“I need to get in front of people to let them see my strong side shine and door-knocking was going to be my key!” Mike 
Mike took a 700k listing 1st day in the business and recently listed a 15 million listing. Hear how he did it! 

Michael’s Steps To Sales Success:

  • Shadow people who are doing what you want to do 
  • Come in the business with a plan 
  • Speak with authority and confidence 
  • Be knowledgeable of the market
  • Focus on your strengths  
  • Door knock to get in front of people 
  • Get out of your head 

Learn how to succeed in Real Estate from day 1 


Who is Michael:
My journey into the world of Real Estate is one that is driven primarily by two fundamental motivators, my thriving passion to change the overall experience of buying, selling, and investing in Real Estate, and my passion for making a positive, lasting impact on the people I meet. The intrinsic problem that I saw was that, while Calgary is an exciting, vibrant, and innovative city, the Real Estate industry is stuck in the past. Without a doubt there is value in the basics, but we now live in a modern world, and old school methods are no longer sufficient. Therefore, I made the life changing decision that it was my duty to transform the industry.

I pride myself on authenticity, and in an attempt to say rid myself of the Real Estate Agent stereotypes of being focused on the sale, my focus lies within creating a unique, unforgettable experience. Moreover, I believe that everyone should receive a boutique experience, tailored to his or her unique requirements, regardless of price range.


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