79. The Queen of Scripts– Shares 39yrs of Real Estate Skills to Get Your Offers Accepted – Alexis Bolin

Alexis Bolin – AKA The Scripts Queen

Expert on Scripts, Being Purposeful and Setting Expectations with Client.

39 years in the Real Estate business.

Ranked in top 1% of all Realtors in the country
“The biggest issue we have with putting a sale together are between the 2 agents and not between the buyer and seller.” Alexis
“My job is to help you get your offer accepted!” Alexis

Alexis Steps Too Sales Success 

  • 1st Step is to sit down and discuss the process
  • Always come to office before looking at houses
  • Have pre-approval in hand before looking at houses
  • Be direct with clients
  • Keep everyone focused on the outcome
  • The client needs to know your both on the same side
  • Learn to ask great questions
  • Realtors need to be obligated to the transaction

Work with the other agents to keep your deals together

Who is Alexis:
39 years in Residential Real Estate
Named one of The Most Influential Agents in Florida
Recognized as one of the Most Awarded Agents in the Nation
Named to “Who’s Who”​ in Residential Real Estate Named in the “TOP 300 Real Estate Agents”​ by Realtor Magazine Ranked Among the Top 1/10 of 1% of all Real Estate Agents Nationwide
Inducted into the ERA Real Estate International Hall of Fame – 2013 
Inducted into the Real Estate Experts Hall of Fame – August 2012

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