90 Days to Mastery?? I’m Baffled! Sign me up…Not!

I just saw an advertisement for a coaching program that claims “90 Days to mastery!” I would love to buy into the program if I thought there was a small chance it really worked. Unfortunately I just don’t see how I can master anything in 90 days. I suppose if I went straight for 22 hours a day, I could accumulate 1980 hours in 90 days, which is still far short of the 10,000 hour Rule Malcolm Gladwell, talks about in his book Outliers.

At least my(hypothetical) program of 22 hours a day is still a 1/5th of the way towards mastery, the problem then however is I would suffer from sleep deprivation and cognitive thinking issues. Which would effect my ability to practice that right way, hence effecting my goal of mastery.

I bet if Michael Phelps or Da Vinci knew about the 90 day program, it would have saved them 1000’s and 1000’s of wasted hours. There is an excellent book by Robert Greene, called Mastery. I would highly recommend Mastery if you really want to understand what it takes to master something. I have personally been selling on the telephone for 29 years and no way I could have been even close to where I am today, 28 years ago. The time on task has to be put in! I agree we can accomplish a ton in 90 days, just not near mastery.

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