94. Abraham Shreve – Maps Mastery Coach Shares Secrets of The Top Real Estate Teams

Abe Shreve coaches the top real estate teams 40-250 million in volume.

“In order to do what I want to do, I have to booby trap my success.” Abe Shreve

“Rejection feels the same for the guy doing 100 million as the new agent who just took his first listing.” – Abraham 


  • Take the right actions 
  • Create rituals 
  • Find a mentor
  • Learn from the others who have done what you want to do  
  • Hire a coach 
  • Surround yourself with talent 

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About Abe:

I am the proud father of a fat little 10 month old baby girl. Last night as I was getting her ready for bed she spit right in my face. No kidding, she puckered up and let it fly right in Dad’s face. And as if that was not enough she just laughed and laughed. And then, she spit again. And then she laughed again. Spit, laugh, spit, laugh….rinse and repeat. I sat there mesmerized at this adorable little baby who was laughing, almost uncontrollably, at herself.
It occurs to me this is a healthy type of thing. I spit on myself and others all the time. While I don’t actually pucker up and let it fly literally, I often find myself butt up in the middle of something socially unacceptable. And most of the time…I’m laughing. The great philosopher Voltaire observed, “God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” Well I’m not afraid and I don’t think you should be either.

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