David Works With Business Owners, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs On Customer Acquisition and Closing Sales.


David Works With Business Owners, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs On Customer Acquisition and Closing Sales.


David Is the Sales Consultant You Need to Kickstart Your Business Growth

Join Thousands of Others That Have Consulted with David

One-on-One Coaching with David Hill

  • Sales Team Training and Development

  • Conversion Enhancement Techniques

  • Personal Branding for Sales Success

  • Sales Optimization Framework

  • Revenue Generation Tactics

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David Will Help You Create a Plan Catered to You and Your Business

Explosive Sales Growth Strategies

Innovation in Sales Techniques

Sales Training and Skill Development ProgramFull Widths

Social Selling and Online Presence Enhancement

Who is David Hill?

Top Sales Coach and Trainer. David, has been in sales for over 39 years and founded Path to Mastery Personal Development. He is the author of The Sales Playbook, and is the host of the podcast Path to Mastery.

David's helped literally THOUSANDS of salespeople massively up their game on setting more appointments and closing more deals.

  • ​Master Sales Coach

  • Master Sales Trainer

  • ​Author

  • ​Podcast Host and Realtor

  • ​10X Elite Coach & Mentor


David Hill is dedicated to enhancing your sales experience, extending support through individual consultations or within an exclusive community designed for professionals similar to yourself. Please consider the following options:

Get Support from David's Team

Connect with one of David Hill's team members for personalized support in sales and marketing through a 1-on-1 consultation. David's team members are actively engaged in managing and overseeing various projects related to sales and marketing. They are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of building success in these domains, incorporating and embodying the principles taught by David Hill in their daily endeavors.

Consultation with David

Experience focused guidance from David Hill in a personalized 1-on-1 Consultation tailored to sales and marketing. David possesses a unique perspective, identifying opportunities and challenges that creators and businesses may overlook. He provides actionable advice to propel you out of stagnation and into the spotlight of your target audience.

The Results Speak for Themselves...

The proof is in the data. David's clients consistently see data that shows:

Massive Business Growth

Huge Increase in Revenue

More Revenue Month over Month

Are You Ready to Crush Your Goals?

Even if you excel in producing compelling sales and marketing content, there's often a crucial factor holding you back from reaching your audience and subscriber targets.

David Hill has a knack for simplifying audience dynamics for easy comprehension. He takes pride in empowering creators and businesses to decipher their data and audience insights, equipping them with the tools to surpass their objectives.

If you had the knowledge to significantly elevate your sales and marketing efforts, would you take the first step today?

The Results May Speak for Themselves... But the People Speak Volumes Too:

Jennifer Ferrara, Real Estate Agent

"I got my first expired listing, signed $750,000 I'm so excited. And honestly I just can't wait to get back on the phone tomorrow because I'm just in the best mood. So thank you so much, David. This has been amazing. I can't wait to take the next webinar, learn some more and just keep making the calls ABC always be calling. Thank you David Hill."

Peter Favata,

Director of Sales, Fidelity Bank

"I feel like my sales skills are much sharper. You get better results and really listening and getting an understanding of what the people that you're serving need. And so you can better serve the need. It's money well spent guarantee. If you go through the program, you'll increase your sales. "

Kohila Sivas, Founder

Learning Success Coach

"David is a really good coach, even though, at the beginning, he made me feel a little bit challenged. However, those challenges are important. That's when you have a great coach—when they challenge your thinking. If you're considering getting coaching sessions with David, he's an awesome coach. I still have more sessions with him, and I think I have changed the way that I approach things. The way he questions and his smiles after certain challenging questions during our practice sessions have enabled me to see how casually you can approach a sale and how easy it can be, instead of viewing it solely as a sales pitch."