“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” Jim Rohn

A quote from on of my all time favorite personal development experts. Jim had a way of simplifying things that when you read deeper are very profound. Think about the quote below.

Jom Rohn

“Don’t wish it were easier wish you were better.”

In my eyes this is about being accountable. Taking a stand for where you are and where you are going. Saying to yourself “I am in control of my destiny!!” Many tough things and situations happen in life, however when we can take responsibility it put’s us in control of the situation and makes things easier to solve.

I know tough situations happen and many times these situations were out of our control, we may not have been doing anything wrong and all of a sudden we get hit with something. This is the perfect time to take full responsibility and by doing that we actually take back control.

It’s actually liberating.

I never net Jim personally but listening to his CD’s and watching his videos years ago started the beginning of a big shift in my mindset and life! Check out Jim Rohn for yourself.

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