Enjoy lifes Journey!

Life is a journey. Many people miss out on the greatness of the journey because they are so focused on the destination. We say things like, when I get to Florida I will be happy, or when I have 1,000,000 in the bank I will be happy or when I meet the right partner my life will be great.

The new car syndrome is the perfect example. We get pumped up and super excited to get our new car that we planned for weeks or months. We can’t wait to get the deal worked out with the salesperson.

We visualize ourselves driving the car and are so proud we almost can’t wait for the time to come. We can’t wait to drive it off the lot!

We wash it, clean it, vacuum it, post of on social media almost daily for weeks, we drive around with a grin!


What happens though after a few months, it just kind of blends in, it’s just a car again and we are off to the next thing, maybe accessories for the car. I experienced this first hand when I purchased a brand new 2013 BMW, within 2 months of buying it BMW released the new body 2014. I was upset, I even felt the salesperson mislead me by not telling me to wait for the new body. I certainly was not enjoying the journey or the car.

I know many people in life who are chasing happiness, love, wealth, fame and feel that it’s a destination. Those things come from being present and enjoying the moments, enjoying every up, and learning from every down.

If your can find a way to be present in a moment you could realize that the ride to the mountain with your love to spend the weekend could have more meaning and connection than skiing the mountain.

This explains why when some people achieve huge goals they get a burst of energy and endorphin’s but it does not last and then they are left with an emptiness of whats next?


I encourage you to set big goals and life life, be present and enjoy every moment while your in achievement of your goals. That’s what I call enjoying the journey.

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