How To LIST For Sale By Owner – 3 Steps To Success – Episode #260 with Karyn Holbrook

For over 29 years, Karyn Holbrook has been servicing buyers, sellers, and investors throughout Massachusetts and referrals all over the country.  She began in the industry when her dad was a broker/owner and even at a very young age knew this was her path.  She is committed to providing excellent service and developing relationships with her customers, co-brokes, and each person involved in the real estate transaction.

She prides herself on followthrough, staying on top of current real estate and market trends, and constantly seeking knowledge and learning opportunities.
In her spare time, Karyn likes to spend time in nature, swimming in the ocean, and traveling.
Karyn is a member of the Greater Boston Board of Realtors and is active in her community and volunteering with causes near to her heart.
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