Future of Crypto, NFT & Blockchain for Real Estate Agents – Episode #291 with Shelly Vincent

Shelly Vincent is the Designated Managing Broker for the state of Colorado for eXp Realty where she oversees the operations of over 1,500 real estate agents. But she is also the owner of Blockchain Properties, LLC, one of the first crypto-based real estate companies in the US, this one brokered by eXp. She has been in real estate since 2010 and holds licenses and Florida and Colorado. Shelly began studying crypto in 2016 but became very enthusiastic about it as blockchain applications were applied to real estate.

In 2021, Shelly began educating herself on the applications of blockchain technology in real estate, and she became a certified CE instructor in the subject. She is proud to be the first agent in Colorado that has closed a title wallet to wallet transfer based transaction through title with full title insurance. Shelly is a Propy.com Certified Crypto agent and loves to speak on the subject.

Website – chainprops.com
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Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/shelly-vincent/

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