Change your Programming and Change your Life – Episode #297 with Jay Noland

Jay Noland is an International Motivational Speaker, Author, Former Professional Athlete, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Life Confidence Coach and NLP practitioner. Jay was born and raised in Winchester, Kentucky, where he attended school and continued his education in Florida. He is a spiritual man who has over 30 years of scholarly research. Jay Noland started his entrepreneurial career in November 1995. He has since built multiple multi-milliondollar companies. His main focus is on helping people master their “subconscious mind” through different methods of “confidence training.” He believes “a strong person can do anything.” He believes in experiencing life all-out, all the time, and he believes in anyone who is willing to take steps to believe in themselves.He says true success is mastering the 6 pillars of life. The 6 pillars are emotional, mental, physical, social, financial, and spiritual. 

Jay Noland is the author of the bestselling book, The Power of a Woman From the Perspective of Real Men. Jay has been an international sales trainer and keynote motivational speaker for over 25 years, helping people maximize their potential by harnessing the power of their subconscious mind. As an entrepreneur, with his businesses, he has always focused on giving back to those in need and helping different causes around the world. In his spare time, he studies ancient spiritual writings but always makes time for some bass fishing, watching a good ball game, and especially spending time with his wife and son at their home in Boca Raton, FL. And now with his company, MYB Publishing, has introduced a New Special Universal Edition of the book The Science of Getting Rich.

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