Transform Your Confidence – Episode #300 with Jude Jernudd

Jude Jernudd is the CEO of The Jernudd Company for Executive Performance and Professional Development. She is co-founder of COBE Coach, the Collaboration of Brilliant Entrepreneurs.

Judes experience as a television newscaster and TV Talk personality provided her the opportunity to interview and interact with several of the worlds influential personalities, including President Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Meg Whitman, Magic Johnson, Larry King, Coach Phil Jackson, and Regis Philbin. The extraordinary communication skills and success qualities of these icons are the basis for The Jernudd Company and COBEs proprietary performance growth programs.

COBE is the entrepreneurial in-person coaching program designed for high achievers who want more. Through a collaborative environment, growth-minded individuals elevate their business for greater success while enjoying more personal freedom and revenue generation. Through proprietary processes, accountability, and collaboration, COBE members identify their biggest challenges, distractions, and blocks for growth. They discover how to focus, scale, and lead.

Jude learned her entrepreneurial skills when her mother brought their first of five restaurants. She started serving customers at 12 years old, and at 16, she took over managing the restaurant! Today she coaches entrepreneurs ranging from technology to business management to legal and e-commerce in building their brand, the business and revenue.

In addition to leading The Jernudd Company and COBE programs, Jude is a keynote speaker, event emcee and she appears in various media outlets including Fox News, US News & World Report, Fortune Magazine, and the Los Angeles Business Journal.

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