178 Get in The Entrepreneurial Flow – Consultant Dirk Van Reenen on Path to Mastery

Consultant to Entrepreneurs Dirk Van Reenen on Path to Mastery

Build Something Worthwhile. 

Each year tens of thousands of people start a business with the hopes and dreams of building something special. Something that will give them the income, time freedom, and impact they’ve always wanted.

Somewhere along the way the wheels begin to fall off and stress, anxiety, and fatigue creep in and it begins to rob you, causing you to lose your health, relationships, and even joy. Your business can begin to consume your life, I’ve been there and it’s a terrible place to be.  

Very few people build lasting businesses and too many people end up paying a very heavy price and that’s simply unacceptable.

BERGflow was created to Empower Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to take control of their business, life, and time freedom.

Dirk’s steps to getting in the flow

  • Figure out what you love doing
  • Be prepared to put in some hard work
  • Figure out who are your clients 
  • Bring massive value
  • Be present with people
  • Only go into business with people who are in alignment

About Dirk:

Dirk is an award-winning entrepreneur and sought-after international business consultant and speaker. He has launched and sold several startup companies and was also one of the top Brokerage CEO’s for Keller Williams Realty International, leading one of the fastest growing brokerages for Keller Williams worldwide in 2016. At that time, Dirk discovered a deeper purpose and re-evaluated everything he was doing and the path he was on. He made some huge changes including resigning from his corporate CEO position, shutting down one of his businesses, and relocating across the United Stated to launch BERGflow in January of 2017. Today, Dirk has been blessed to work with companies in 13 states, 4 countries, and on 3 continents, following his purpose: Empowering Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Leaders to build powerful and productive teams and helping them grow and scale their businesses while giving them a better quality of life with more fulfillment. 

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