Is the Mod Badge Really That Important? with Jeff the Entrepreneur on Clubhouse

Jeff J Cunningham is a Real Estate Investor, Author, YouTuber, Podcast Host, Brand and Marketing Consultant, and founder of Changing Lives Marketing and Consulting. He is an investor in his brother’s business, Changing Lives Financial, whose goal is for 20 million families to become financially free in the next 10 years. Losing his mom when he was young and facing all of his financial trials, makes him passionate about everyone making money around him. His older brother Jason died and his endless pursuit is to build the biggest franchise in honor of him called, KokomoJays. He currently has been asked to speak and now keynote speaks at events, as he is launching his own Changing Lives Events with his Entourage members, the ones who are connected to Collab with his mission to inspire others always.

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