It’s Time to Start Living life on Your Terms – Episode #295 with Rex Sikes

Transformation through a winning mindset Attitude is number 1 predictor of success in all areas of life. 

After a skydiving accident nearly robbed Rex Steven Sikes of his life and caused him to spiral down in negativity for a couple years, Rex locked himself in his apartment for 6 weeks to sort things through and develop the confidence to face the world again living happily and successfully again. During those weeks of deep introspection and meditation Sikes discovered the keys for transformation which he has shared around the world ever since. He discusses this in his book, Life On Your Terms: Live The Life You Want.

Sikes has four decades experience helping thousands of people transform their minds and lives. His innovations include Mind Design and Directed Questions. He is a Master Trainer of NLP & DHE, A Master Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist, Whole Brain and Accelerated Learning, the Law of Attraction and is founder of IDEA Seminars.

He conducts online programs on transformation, Mind Design LOA, NLP and at public events. Sikes is a professional speaker, life and business mentor, consultant, and an educator. He is an actor and filmmaker and consultant to the entertainment industry. In addition to his blog Daily Inspiration And Gratitude, Rex is an author, creator of The Attitude Activator, and featured on Learning Strategies ‘Euphoria’ program.

Rex presents seminars, public and corporate programs, full workshops and training events. He mentors professionals and newcomers in their fields. He is a keynote speaker the power of your mind to get your goals, increase you bottom line and make your dreams come true. His captivating message inspires audiences and will remain with you!

He has appeared before millions acting in films, television, radio interviews and commentary. His topics include making your dreams come true, conditioning and nutrition for the mind, why affirmations don’t work and how to get them to work, creativity and intuition, making a great impression, creating rapport, and how to understand and utilize body language.

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