My Christmas gift for you

Right now, your competition is coasting. ‘Working on their database’, which really means preparing themselves for the holidays. This makes now is the perfect time for the rest of us to step up and grab those pre-holiday sales!
All it takes is a few extra calls or connections. The people I coach are seriously ramping up their efforts over the next few weeks to achieve this. Don’t get me wrong, of course everyone needs a few days off, but heck, take it while everyone else is working. Right now 90% of your competition has already checked out.
Here is the perfect example of my point. I was at a business event a few weeks back and the instructor asked me to stand up and share my strategic plans. It’s quite simply this; that by increasing our prospecting efforts during the holidays and making a few extra call daily, we will see the benefits of increased sales revenue. Sales reps may be on autopilot, and most people are not making buying or dealing with anything except the holidays right now a priority.
However, I am not looking at most people. I am looking for the motivated people. I guarantee you there were thousands of sales in your industry today to those motivated people who need your services, but they are not going to come to you. They need the personal attention to choose your company over the rival. In order to find them my team is increasing its prospecting efforts. Typically, we may make 20-25 contacts a day to find a motivated buyer but at this time of year we look to make 30-40 contacts a day to find the same motivated buyer. I believe the fortune is found within the numbers.

As soon as I sat down someone else stood up and said, ‘In my opinion if our scripts and dialogue were better and we were better at talking with people we would not have to double down’. My blood pressure did spike for a minute, but I took the high road and pretended that the comment was not made towards my remarks.
I agree that there is truth in his comment, but I am someone who operates at a very high level with scripts and dialogue. The problem is that no matter how great you are with scripts, you have to talk with people. The numbers have to be hit and at certain times of the year the numbers have to be adjusted based on the current conditions.

This is not an article trying to discourage you from practicing scripts, or telling you not to continue getting better. I still practice more than anyone I know. What I am saying is that the fortune comes from consistency in the follow up and timing. You could be the master NLP guru but if someone does not need what you are selling they won’t buy it; at the same time you could be a bumbling, stumbling knucklehead but if the person you contact has an immediate need for what the product there is every chance you’ll get that sale.
My advice to you is make those few extra calls over the holidays and I promise you will reap the benefits! It could be just an extra hour of your time per day, or maybe make that call later on in the evening. Just figure out the best way for you to talk with more people.


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