196- Mike Simmons: David Hill No-Nonsense ways to improve your sales!

I have been in the real estate investing business since 2008. I have flipped houses, bought rentals, and wholesaled hundreds of deals. For the first four years of my real estate investing business, I was doing everything myself, making every mistake in the book, spending way too much time and money in every aspect of my business.

Then I figured it out. No, I don’t mean that I found some secret technique or some super unknown tactic for running my business. What I mean is I figured it out. I found out how most successful real estate investors or any businessman for that matter turns the corner and gets their business straightened out. It’s not as glamorous or sexy as you might think. But I will sum it up by saying there is no secret. You have to get out there and Just Start.

Is that it? Is that all it takes is just to get started? Well, no, but that is by far the biggest hurdle that I have seen with the hundreds of people that I have coached and mentored in this business. This podcast is dedicated to filling in the details, giving you all of the things that I have done over the past decade to figure out how to go from having a pretty good business to having a fast-growing business on rocket fuel!


In this episode, David and Mike discuss:

Today’s episode is chocked full of tips to getting started in real estate and a few no-nonsense ways to improve your sales. Your mindset is your key to success. When you have resistance in the sales business you are letting your fear take control. Too many people worry about what other people think about them. This causes a fear of rejection and maybe even a fear of success that leads to call reluctance. This call reluctance is limiting your sales potential. In today’s episode learn how to improve your mindset, get past your fear, and utilize that hidden gold mine in your pocket. That’s right, your contact list. 


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