Sean Goerss -Funding Your BIG WHY! – Episode 164 Path to Mastery

Sean Goerss 464 Units team with 4.8 million GCI leaves big brokerage to start Thrive.

Podcast hosted by David Hill

Top Takeaways

The digital brokerage has no boundaries. 

You do not have to be centralized in a location to offer the highest level service. 

You can offer more tools to your clients for less money. 

You can offer more services and tools for your clients for less money.

You can be in business with an agent in any part of the country or world.  

A business should always be looking to increase value and decrease costs.

Why have to be very careful we are not operating from a place of fear and uncertainty

Sean has been a member of Gary Keller’s Private Mastermind Group, a KW MAPS Coach, and a nationally-booked real estate trainer, and expert advisor and real estate tech. and strategy. Sean has personally studied under some of the most notable coaches in the industry, including Tony DiCello, Abe Shreve, and Dianna Kokoczka.

14 Moves closed over 613 units for $172 Million in Volume and $4.83 Million GCI in 2019, ranking the organization #13 in the world of KW Expansion.

Sean, his wife, Maren, and their 4 children call St. Paul, Minnesota home. Sean enjoys time with his family, all things tech, traveling, and building big businesses to fund people’s “big why”.

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